‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’, Season 6: Meet the Cast, Scorpio Stevie J

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’, Season 6: Meet the Cast

Published 8:17 pm EDT, March 13, 2017 Updated 10:50 am EDT, March 15, 2017    Comment    By S.M. Walsh

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Stevie J

Stevie J, 45, is a musician, record producer, and songwriter from Buffalo, New York. He was particularly successful in the 90s, when he won a Grammy Award for his work on Puff Daddy's debut album No Way Out. He has worked with artists like Mariah Carey, The Notorious B.I.G., 112, Jodeci, Faith Evans, Jay-Z, and Eve. (Getty)

Born: November 2, 1971 (age 45 years), Buffalo, NY
Zodiac Sign:
Full name: Steven Jordan
Children: Eva Giselle Jordan, Savannah Jordan, Steven Jordan Jr., Sade Jordan, Dorian Jordan, Bonnie Bella Jordan
TV shows: Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
Associated acts: Faith Evans, Mariah Carey, Benzino, Sean Combs, Jay Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Eve, Lil' Kim, Kelly Price
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