‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’, Season 6: Meet the Cast, Gemini Rasheeda

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’, Season 6: Meet the Cast

Published 8:17 pm EDT, March 13, 2017 Updated 10:50 am EDT, March 15, 2017Comment    By S.M. Walsh
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Rasheeda is a rapper, fashion designer, and television personality from Atlanta, Georgia. As a teen, she was a part of the hip hop group Da Kaperz, who was signed with recording label D-Lo Entertainment. Rasheeda released her sixth album Boss Chick Music in 2012, and one of her songs, "I Mean It" was released on the 4th season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. (Getty)

Born: May 25, 1982 (age 34 years), Atlanta, GA
Zodiac Sign:
Spouse: Kirk Frost
Parents: Shirleen Harvell
Children: Karter Frost, Ky Frost
TV shows: Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

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